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Let’s begin this section with a “did you know”. Did you know that LEON beer started its journey way back in 1937? Well, yes! Almost 100 years ago, the first production of LEON beer took place in Cyprus, in the first Cypriot brewery.
In 1962 the production of LEON was stopped. But do lions give up? Nah, we rested for a bit and again headed for the bars with our relaunch in 2003, even keeping the same recipe that had made us so popular way back when, from the Photos Photiades brewery.
Today, LEON beer continues to come forward in the Cypriot market, showing up next to BBQs, in bars, on beaches, with friends and at family tables. As the only 100% Cypriot beer, it is one and compared to none! It’s simply LEON!

LEON. The first Cypriot beer

When drinking LEON, you are drinking a lager beer, with 4,5% alcohol. You are drinking a beer based on the original recipe, from the oldest brewery in Cyprus, consisting of only three ingredients: water, barley malt and hops. What makes LEON special and gives it its unique, fresh taste is that its hops are produced locally, specifically in Kyperounta. From the first sip to the last, Cyprus is in your glass with a LEON.
If our beer was a beach it would the golden coast of Famagusta. If it was a smell, it would be the fruity scent of Pitsilia in the spring. If it was a color, it would be the honey-hued color of Mesaoria’s valleys. If it was a sound, it would be the clinging melody of glasses on a summer evening under the vines! What to do? LEON is born and raised in Cyprus and it simply comes forwar
We could talk about beer for hours. Can’t escape from it, we are… beertuosos! We have collected 9 golden like a lion’s mane tips that will help you enjoy your LEON to the fullest, every time!



We could talk about beer for hours. Can’t escape from it, we are… beertuosos! We have collected 9 golden like a lion’s mane tips that will help you enjoy your LEON to the fullest, every time!

Can you enjoy LEON in a glass? Certainly! But is any glass worthy and capable? Certainly not! To serve a beer in a glass it needs to be clean, without traces of salt and grease and ideally washed by hand, not in a dishwasher.

Size matters. The foam’s size that is! Its height when serving should be 15-20mm. Show this to that friend who pours you foam with a bit of LEON in the glass!

Speaking of glasses, make sure the glass is not too narrow and tall, nor too hot but cool and slightly moist inside, to keep your LEON chill (or tsakrin if you are fluent in Cypriot beer lingo)!

A law never to be broken: beer does go in and out of the fridge to cool, cool off and then cool again. Put it in the fridge and take it out to drink, simple as that!

Need a sip or two or more to cool you off in the heatwave? We get it. But leaving your beer sitting in the heat and turning into barley soup? Never!

You have a six-pack of LEON left from New Year’s and now it’s time for April Fool’s? Don’t drink that beer, not even as a joke! Beer should be consumed as fresh as possible. Aging in a cellar is for wines. And you don’t even have a cellar.

No need to get into heated discussions with your buddies: the correct angle to pour beer in a glass to make the right foam is 45 degrees.

What do we mean when we say ice-cold or “tsakrin”? The ideal temperature varies depending on the type of beer. The light ones are best enjoyed between 4 and 6οC. Medium lagers are ideally served at 6-8οC. Heavy, full-bodied beers taste best at 8-12οC. Absolutely no beer is served when it’s so ice-cold that there is ice formed in it!

And finally, if you really want to enjoy a LEON, enjoy it with good company, responsibly and since it’s a Cypriot beer, accompany it with Cypriot meze: peanuts, cured meat like tsamarella, whatever comes out of the BBQ and cheers!


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